A thought on the dam burst in - the water level was apparently noticeably elevated beforehand. This is not the first time something has happened in this conflict where I think, actually, it should have been noticed before and warned about the possibility (Russia exported conspicuously little gas at the end of 2021 before they 'officially' started the gas boycott).
Is there anything else we should be keeping an eye on? For example: Where is Ukraine's ?

Ein Gedanke zum Dammbruch in der - der Wasserstand war vorher offenbar auffällig erhöht. Das ist nicht das erste Mal, dass in diesem Konflikt etwas passiert, wo ich mir denke, eigentlich hätte man es vorher merken und vor der Möglichkeit warnen müssen (Russland hat Ende 2021 auffällig wenig Gas exportiert, bevor sie den Gasboykott 'offiziell' gestartet haben).
Gibt es noch etwas, was wir im Blick haben sollten? Zum Beispiel: Wo ist das ukrainische ?

Übrigens: Ich habe zwar Geographie studiert, würde aber nicht sagen, dass ich daher Expertin für die bin. Als wir im ersten Semester in die Vorlesungen kamen, war da nämlich die Erwartung, dass wir die Grundlagen schon wissen. Wir haben das Thema ja in der Schule gehabt. Klar gibt es Expertenwissen zur Klimakrise, aber man braucht kein Expertenwissen zu haben, um über die Klimakrise zu reden. Die Grundlagen kann jeder verstehen.

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Trötis do your Magic:

Meine Tochter hat ihr Schnuffituch verloren, leider habe ich kein Bild davon.

Das Tuch stammt aus den Anfang 2000er. Es ist eine weiße Müllwindel mit roten und/ oder bunten Teddys.

Vielleicht gibt's ja noch einen Dachbodenfund 🥹🙏

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In the 1950’s, only 412 nesting pairs of bald eagles were left in The United States. After hunting bans, the protection of nest sites and more went into effect, their population rebounded! Between 50,000 and 70,000 live in The US, whilst an additional 20,000 live in Canada!

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attn: MUD developers

last year, a grad school classmate of mine died at the age of 38. every student and professor who met Geoff Hollis learned that he was a brilliant scholar, a sharp thinker, and a superb university lecturer.

but only a handful of his friends knew that geoff was also one hell of a coder. he spent nights as a grad student building his own MUD engine in C - from scratch, with a built-in custom scripting language - just for the fun of it.

nakedMUD enjoyed several years of regular development and usage from mud designers, before jeff had to shelve it due to his teaching responsibilities.

when he died, his university server space was wiped without a backup, and all of his source code went with it. i've got the most recent version of nakedMUD (3.8.1), but i'd like to preserve v1.0 to v3.8 in his memory.

if you happen to have filenames in the format nakedmudv1.0.tar.tgz sitting around on old drives, i'd love to hear from you. i'm building a little source shrine for geoff, so nakedMUD can live on in memory of a kind, gentle soul.

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- Twitter Closing inactive accounts
- Google Closing Inactive accounts
- Internet Archive & Wayback Machine Under Attack
- Nintendo going after Emulators
I'm starting to see a pattern.

Now would be the time to back up ANYTHING you have not secured locally. :pika:

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We shouldn't be worrying about AI wiping out humanity. That's a smokescreen. That's sci-fi. We need to worry about the *individuals* now and in the near future who can be hurt by the premature deployment of generative AI systems that spew wrong answers and lies, and then when asked for confirmation, lie about their own lies! And just popping up warnings to users is useless, because you know and I know that hardly anyone will read those warnings or pay any attention to them whatsoever.

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Wie in Deutschland die "wichtigen Diskussionen" entstehen:

Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ernährung: Wir wollen ein wenig mehr vegetarische Mahlzeiten empfehlen

BILD: Sie wollen uns nur noch 10g Fleisch aufzwingen!
Söder: Wir sind gegen Verbote!!
AfD: Die grüne Zwangstotaldiktatur kommt!!

DGE: ... was?

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More evidence emerges that #Saturn’s rings are much younger than the #planet
#Astronomers long assumed Saturn's distinctive rings formed around the same time as the planet some 4.5 billion years ago in the earliest days of our Solar System. That assumption received a serious challenge from a 2019 analysis of data collected by #NASA's #Cassini #spacecraft, suggesting that the rings were just 10M to 100M years ago—a mere blink of an eye on cosmic time scales.
arstechnica.com/science/2023/0 #space

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I think it is a good day to share the text of Amanda Gorman's poem 'The Hill We Climb'.


'For there is always light, if only we’re brave enough to see it.
If only we’re brave enough to be it.'

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Nice to see screenshots of #Shadowmap shadowmap.org/ and #Tropy tropy.org/ making the rounds here – the former started as a Master's thesis supervised by me, the latter has two friends of mine as dev and UI leads. 🤗

Good to see friends' projects thrive!

#OpenSource #FreeSoftware #Startups

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To UK academics (students and staff).

⚠ If you're offered work marking in the next months, please say no!

It's likely an attempt to break our marking and assessment boycott, our most effective industrial action to avoid threatened pay cuts.

Please boost if you have UK followers.

#ucu #ucurising #academicchatter

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I just talked to my tax guy today and learn something that blew my mind and also made me gnash my teeth.

You know all those giant pick-up trucks on the road and huge SUVs that people drive to pick up a quart of milk with?

Well, if the drivers are business owners, they are incentivized to buy the larger vehicles. Trucks with 6-foot beds, or full-size SUVs are 100% deductible, while smaller vehicles are not.

This just adds insult to injury to the fact that we are subsidizing fossil fuels to the tune of $11 million dollars a minute around the world.

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There is another #PhD position on the @CMSexperiment available in my #team at @DESYnews Fancy doing innovative direct searches at the LHC that are not just re-running someone else's code, and with the amazing Andreas Hinzmann and me (and loads of others, we're good and fun!)

Then have a look: v22.desy.de/e67416/records2025

#Academicjobs #physics #jobs #hamburg sharing is a caring of course 😇

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#DoctorsWithoutBorders has worked in #Sudan since 1978 and since the start of the latest conflict on April 15, our teams that remained in #Khartoum have been working tirelessly trying to provide support to overwhelmed medical facilities in the city.

We request all parties to the conflict to respect our staff, our work, our facilities, and the equipment and assets that enable us to effectively carry out our work.

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